Pfizer has been recruiting graduate summer associates and placing them into full-time roles for over 15 years.

Students experience meaningful, hands-on summer placements where they gain a wealth of valuable industry knowledge, networking opportunities and life experiences.



Ian Buggs, Associate Manager, Financial Reporting and Analysis AfME

Carnegie Mellon – Tepper School of Business, Class of 2011

Ian earned his BSBA in Finance and his MPIA from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) majoring in the Global Political Economy, both at the University of Pittsburgh.  His previous work experience included Corporate Recruiter and Financial Analyst for MEDRAD, Inc. (a division of Bayer Healthcare) from 2006-2009.

In 2011, Ian earned his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University concentrating in Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Marketing.  During the summer of 2010, Ian was a Pfizer Finance Summer Associate supporting the North America Established Products Business Unit.

Ian joined Pfizer full time in the summer of 2011.  In his first rotation (based in Manhattan) he was part of the Global BioPharma FP&A team supporting the SVP of BioPharma Finance.  His second rotation (based in Madison, NJ) was working on the Strategic Finance Review for the Nutrition and Animal Health business divestitures.  For this third rotation, Ian relocated to Collegeville, PA in North America Specialty Care FP&A reporting to the VP of Finance.  Ian’s final rotation was in Corporate Treasury – Capital Markets (based in Manhattan).

Ian’s experience:
The opportunity to become involved in and contribute to projects that drive our business alongside strong managers who care about my development adequately described my experience with Pfizer’s Finance Rotational Program. Having Randy Witrick, VP of PGS Finance, in tune with the rotationals in terms of their individual development is a strong indication of how much Pfizer invests in its participants. With a visibility to senior managers, the Finance Rotational Program offers a flexibility that cannot be found in traditional permanent positions. With four different rotations, I was given the ability to participate and adapt my rotations to positions that matched my interests with real business imperatives.

Deciding what area of Finance to pursue was a difficult decision, making the Finance Rotational Program the perfect fit for me. For two years I was able to “taste the rainbow” by accomplishing four rotations. The Rotational Program could be considered a “Pfizer MBA” that reminded me of the MBA experience which made it a wonderful post graduate transition. I knew that I wanted to be a small fish in a big pond because of the accessibility to different roles that will continue to challenge and develop me, which Pfizer has been able to offer.

Today, I am based in Dubai doing FP&A supporting the Africa/Middle East region (66 markets across 2 continents, 2 hemispheres, and 5 time zones).  While there is a great deal to learn, I feel I can hit the ground running from my experiences as a rotational colleague. Pfizer had invested in me, making me feel more valuable to the company. During my rotation in Pfizer Diversified Businesses (PDB) Finance, I encountered my most difficult project, preparing carve out financials for the global Animal Health manufacturing organization. This work stream was only part of the activity necessary to complete a full business carve out and aid in preparing for the successful separation of the Animal Health business (Zoetis).  Rotationals and Interns do not just sit on the sidelines; we are fully engaged in our assignments and given the leverage to contribute to our groups.

Thanks to the great support I received along with a lot of leverage, I was able to succeed. The program allowed me to demonstrate skills I brought to the table like project management and financial analysis, but also helped me build technical accounting skills, project management, and many more.


Amit Singh, V.P. & Assistant Treasurer– Treasury
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Class of 2004

Amit Singh was born in India and immigrated to the US as a Petroleum Engineer. He has a Master’s in PE from University of Kansas and an MBA from University of Penn., Wharton School. Prior to his MBA, Amit worked in the Gulf of Mexico as a field engineer for Schlumberger Technology, an oil and gas services firm. MBA allowed him to switch careers into corporate finance and he joined Pfizer’s Rotational Program in 2004 after being a summer intern in 2003. Currently, Amit is Senior Director, Capital Markets and has worked in Pfizer Treasury for the last few years. His interests include derivative valuation, incentive compensation design, capital structure optimization and liability driven investing for pension plans. Outside of work Amit likes to travel and cook.

Amit’s experience:
Soon after I accepted my internship offer with Pfizer for the summer of 2003, I received a call from my future manager. She asked me if I would like to join her team for the summer at Consumer Health Division in NJ and work on integrating Pharmacia, Pfizer’s recent Swedish acquisition. Obviously interested (and a little flattered!), I agreed right away. Rest of the summer is now a blur…move to New York City, daily “reverse commute” to NJ office, numerous networking events with senior executives, day-trips with the intern team and yes, lots of hands-on learning. By the end of August I was more than ready to accept the full-time offer into the Rotational Program.

As an engineer looking for a career change into Corporate Finance, Pfizer’s Rotational Program offered many things, but most importantly it offered me a chance to cast a wide net across the organization before selecting a “final” position. Four 6-month “rotations” through Treasury, Business Finance and R&D finance created a wide array of options to choose from. Two of my assignments were international (Dublin, Ireland and Sandwich, UK) and each came with their own set of work and extra-curricular opportunities. To this day, my family cherishes all those week-end jaunts to “nearby” European destinations! Also, the network of international colleagues I became a part of, has been invaluable ever since.

At the end of the 2 year program I joined Pfizer Treasury in New York City. Treasury at Pfizer is a relatively small group with big fiscal responsibilities. We are tasked with managing the firm’s capital structure; conservatively invest its sizeable cash portfolio and in general manage the wide spectrum of financial risk. Working on the 2009 Wyeth acquisition, and more recently on the ongoing Pfizer Animal Health divestiture, has been the highlight of my 6 years in the group. One clear testament to my continued satisfaction at Pfizer is the simple fact that as most of my friends from Wharton class of 2004 find themselves in their 2nd or 3rd job since finishing business school, I am still on my first one. Pfizer Treasury’s analytical bent that drew me in almost a decade ago continues to attract new Rotational colleagues from the Program every day.

If you are looking for a self fulfilling finance career at a premier industry leading company, Pfizer offers the gold standard- welcome!


Oindrila Sardar, Sr. Manager, Established Products Marketing Platform
Chicago Booth, Class of 2011

Oindrila Sardar grew up in southern New Jersey. She has B.S. in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University and worked in financial services for five years prior to business school. Oindrila attended The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, graduating with an MBA in 2011, with concentrations in Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance. During the summer of 2010, she was part of Pfizer’s MBA Marketing Summer Associate program, working in Specialty Neuroscience Commercial Development – Alzheimer’s. After graduating from business school, she joined the Marketing Rotational Program in September 2011, with her first rotation in Primary Care on the Celebrex and FLECTOR Patch US Brand Team. Followed by rotations in Oncology on the Strategy, Analytics & Insights team, Established Products Injectables Commercial Development team, and her final rotation in Portfolio & Decision Analysis. After the rotation program, she joined the Established Products Emerging Markets Marketing Platform team where she currently works. Outside of work, Oindrila enjoys cooking, traveling and white water rafting.

Oindrila’s experience:
I was drawn to Pfizer’s Summer Associate and Rotational Programs for a couple of reasons. The ability to experience four diverse and meaningful marketing functional rotations in two years after the completion of my summer internship was a big appeal. The variety of experiences that the program offers cannot be matched by what the typical permanent position would offer, and has been very different to my Financial Services experience prior to business school. The people I interacted with throughout the recruitment process were also a key factor to my decision to join Pfizer. Being part of a company that affects many lives is just the beginning of this rewarding experience.  Since joining Pfizer, I have had the opportunity to work on meaningful and impactful projects alongside  down-to-earth and intelligent co-workers.
Being part of a brand new program has been challenging at times, but it has also produced many rewards. My input and feedback for the future of the program is valued by the program coordinator and it has been rewarding to witness the program move in a positive direction to assure a meaningful experience. In addition, thanks to the many information sessions organized by the rotational program, I was able to interact with leaders, across different functions and business units, that I would have not met in other circumstances.

My rotation managers have played a critical role in my development with weekly one-on-one meetings and their insightful project guidance. They have been receptive to my interests and have matched them with meaningful assignments Throughout my rotations I have worked with cross-functional colleagues from many areas of the company which has helped me  further understand Pfizer and its structure. I have been surprised by the high level of trust and responsibility given from the very beginning.  Overall, both the Summer Associate Program and the Rotational Program are a testament to Pfizer’s investment in providing MBA talent with indispensable experiences to become valued future leaders at Pfizer.


Dean Focarile, Finance Rotational Analyst
NYU Stern, Class of 2012

Dean C. Focarile is a native New Yorker. He holds a B.A. in Economics from NYU and an M.B.A. in Finance from NYU's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. In 2011, Dean was a Graduate Summer Associate in Pfizer's Established Products Business Unit. Prior to this, he worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for six years and also sold pharmacy technology products. During his time at Stern, Dean interned at two boutique investment banks with a focus on the Health‐Care industry. Dean chose Pfizer primarily because of the company's reputation and the opportunity to rotate through different corporate finance roles. Dean was offered and accepted a Finance Rotational Program position and returned to Pfizer as a full‐time colleague in July, 2012.  To date, he has completed rotations in Global BioPharma and the Primary Care Business Unit, and his current rotation is in the Global Tax – Transfer Pricing group.

Dean’s experience:
I applied to Pfizer's Graduate Summer Associate Internship program because I wanted to make a career transition from pharmaceutical sales to corporate finance. After interviewing with several Pfizer colleagues, I was confident that the program was the right fit for me. One main reason that I targeted Pfizer was that I had no prior financial experience and I wanted to "test drive" different roles under the finance umbrella—the internship was a sampling of what the full‐time placement in the rotational program would look like. Once I received an offer into the summer associate program I had the opportunity to rank my top 3 choices out of 14 possible summer assignments. My assignment was within the Financial Planning and Analysis function supporting Pfizer's Established Products Business Unit. This assignment exposed me to an exciting and hands on training environment.

The most challenging part of my assignment was the MBA Case Study that I was required to present at the end of the summer. Summer Associates were grouped together and worked as a team to come up with strategic recommendations to present to senior finance colleagues within the company. We built valuation models, interviewed a number of executives, and created a power point presentation to show our analysis. These presentations were engaging, competitive and were weighed as part of our final performance evaluation.

Another great aspect of the summer associate opportunity was the numerous social and networking events that I participated in. There was a Brown Bag series in which students interacted in an intimate setting with about 15 dynamic and experienced leaders from all areas of the company over the course of the summer. There were also several Out and About trips, including a visit to one of Pfizer's manufacturing sites, as well as nights out in Manhattan where we could just have fun and network. I can't think of a better summer experience and I look forward to joining the Pfizer family as a full‐time colleague in 2012!"


Aaron Meng, Manager - Marketing Rotational Program
Harvard Business School, Class of 2012

Aaron holds a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Prior to obtaining his MBA, he was a Lead Associate at a management consulting firm specializing in customer-focused strategies for the financial services industry. In that role he developed expertise in customer segmentation, market research, pricing, and risk management, as well as fluency in SQL and SAS.

In the summer of 2011, Aaron joined Pfizer’s MBA Marketing Summer Associate program to support the SUTENT brand team in the Oncology Business Unit. His rotations since returning to Pfizer full time include advising the Specialty Care Payer and Channel Group on healthcare reform and working with the Celebrex and FLECTOR Patch brand team in Primary Care.

Aaron’s experience:
One of the main reasons I obtained an MBA was so that I could switch to a career in the business side of the healthcare industry. When considering summer internships, I felt that participating in Pfizer’s Rotational Program would be a great way to quickly compensate for my lack of experience in the sector. Additionally, I didn’t have a clear sense of how my dream job would look, and the Program would allow me to test a wide variety of roles without long-term commitment.

Now, over a year into the Program, my experience has met those expectations and more. I’ve been an integral member of amazing teams, and networked across functions and business units throughout the company. In the process, I’ve been able to learn more about what types of work and organizational culture suit me best. I’ve also always felt strongly supported by the Program administrators, mentors, and senior leadership.

I’m currently looking forward to my third rotation in Business Analytics & Insights supporting the Established Products Business Unit, and future roles within Pfizer!


Jane Scholl, Manager - Marketing Rotational Program
Columbia Business School, Class of 2012

Originally from Lansdale, PA, Jane Scholl spent the past seven years living in New York City. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Prior to business school, she spent five years in the healthcare industry. Jane worked on a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s Disease at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and then spent four years in healthcare consulting at Huron Consulting Group. In the summer of 2012, Jane was a Marketing Summer Associate at Pfizer working on the SPIRIVA US Marketing Team. She joined Pfizer’s MBA Marketing Rotational Program in September of 2013, and she is currently in her first rotation in Specialty Care working with the Hemophilia Franchise in Collegeville, PA. In her free time, Jane enjoys cooking, traveling to off the beaten path destinations, and playing tennis and squash with her fiancé.

Jane’s experience:
There are several key qualities that I wanted for my post-MBA career, which is why I chose to join Pfizer’s MBA Rotational Program. First, coming from consulting, variety has always been important to me. I enjoy looking at a business from different angles, and this is something that is also important to many of the people that I’ve met at Pfizer. Not only is the Marketing Rotational Program designed to give Marketing Managers experience in different functional and therapeutic areas, but the Pfizer culture encourages colleagues to try new roles. During my summer with Pfizer, I met many senior leaders who shared stories about their career progression, and almost everyone had held a wide variety of roles throughout different parts of the business. It is this variety that I believe will allow me to be challenged, learn each and every day, and ultimately make a stronger contribution to the company.

Second, I’ve always believed that the people I work with are as important as the work I do. Everyone that I met at Pfizer throughout the recruiting process and over the summer was intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, and committed. Though I only spent three months with Pfizer during the summer, I was treated as a valued member of the team rather than an intern. I was encouraged to share my thoughts and ideas even if they differed from those of other colleagues. I worked on meaningful projects that contributed to the business, and some of my recommendations were implemented before the end of the summer. Additionally, everyone I met was very generous with their time. I often reached out to colleagues on other teams, and I was pleasantly surprised when everyone agreed to meet with me and share their experiences and expertise.

Finally, Pfizer makes life-saving medicines. I’ve consistently worked in healthcare because I find it rewarding to improve the lives of others in such a powerful way. I’m proud to work for a company that has such a far reaching impact and excellent reputation.


What advice would you give the current summer associates and future rotationals?
Try to meet as many people as possible. You will learn so much about the company and different job functions from just having a quick chat or a lunch with someone. With the company’s open door policy, people are always willing to meet with interns and rotationals. You have an advantage over many other employees – senior leaders will be more than happy to meet with you.